Library and Lab Rules

  1. All library materials must be borrowed out before leaving the library. Un-borrowed items taken beyond the library are considered stolen. Offenders are liable to suspension and strict disciplinary action. 
  2. Silence must be observed in the library. The library staff has the right to ask the people to leave the library if they are talking, causing disturbance to others.
  3. Chairs and study tables should not be moved around.
  4. Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed in library.
  5. Personal belonging must be left outside the library or at the designated place. The institute accepts no responsibility for these items left in the library.
  6. Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the library. Mobile phones must be switched off in the library.
  7. Reference materials will not be issued.
  8. Renewal of borrowed books can not be claimed as a right priority would be given to these in the waiting list.
  9. A fine of Rs.5/- per day would be charged for each book returned after the due date.
  10. If an item is lost, then the borrower must replace it. If an item is not found from local market then the double cost of the item will be charged.
  11. Theft of library material is a major offence that may result in immediate expulsion from the institute.


  1. Students are required to cooperate with the lab staff in order to run the lab affairs smoothly.
  2. No personal equipment without prior permission of lab in-charge can be brought or installed in the computer lab.
  3. No food stuff and drinks are allowed in the labs.
  4. Use of mobile phone in the lab is strictly prohibited.
  5. Relocation of the lab equipment is strictly prohibited.
  6. No chatting is allowed.
  7. No loud talking, noisy behavior or music is allowed in the labs.
  8. No computer games are allowed in the lab.
  9. No outsider without permission is allowed in the lab.