Disciplinary Action


Disciplinary action by the Director of the Institute/ Disciplinary Committee against the students may be taken in one or more of the following forms depending upon the severity of the offence.

  1. A written warning may be issued to the students concerned and a copy of the same may be displayed in the Notice Board.
  2. The matter may be reported to the parents/ guardians and they may be called, if necessary.
  3.  A student may be fined. The fine imposed shall have to be deposited with the in charge finance under intimation to the Director/ Chairman Disciplinary Committee (constituted by the director) as the case may be.
  4.  A student may be place on probation for a fixed period not exceeding 3 months. If during the period of probation he/ she fails to improve his/ her conduct, he/ she may be rusticated or expelled.


Rustication, whenever, imposed on a student, shall always mean the loss of one academic year in so far as his/ her appearance at a university examination is concerned. The period of absence from the Institute will, however, depend upon the time of the year when the penalty is imposed. The student under rustication may at the discretion of the Director of the Institute be permitted to rejoin the class in the beginning of the next academic year.

A standing Disciplinary Council comprising Student Advisor, concerned Head of the Department, Sr. Resident Warden ( in case of hostel residents only) & two senior faculty members nominated by the heads of the department is constituted by the Director to consider the disciplinary cases and suggest appropriate action against the students found guilty of misconduct.

Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the regulations above, a student shall continue to be under the disciplinary jurisdiction of the Director of the Institute till the completion of his final year examination including the practical and submission of the thesis research report, design project etc. and final clearance from the Institute.


  1. If a student fails to attend classes for three days continuously after the start of the session he/she would be strucked off and a fine of PK Rs. 1000/- will be imposed to re join the classes.
  2. If a student is unable to attend classes for ten days or more during the session without getting prior permission from the head of the department, his/ her admission shall also stand cancelled without any notice, and his/ her seat will be offered to candidate next in merit.
  3. The NCS management reserves the right to cancel the admission of any student if he fails to abide by the disciplinary rules and regulations of the Institute issued by the Institute's Management from time to time.